Giving of Themselves for a Head Start

MRDC Head Start awarded Rosanna Rodriguez the “Volunteer of the Year,” a tremendous asset to families at MRDC who exemplifies true servant-hood. Ms. Rodriguez came to this area six years ago from Mexico with no English skills and has blossomed into a valuable asset for MRDC and the community it serves. She is actively serving as the Parent Committees’ secretary in Greensboro helping to bridge the gap between English and Spanish speaking parents. She has a willing demeanor, volunteering in the classroom and assisting parents with translation needs in her spare time. Currently, Ms. Rodriguez is attending English as a Second Language classes and will soon be taking her final GED exam.

MRDC Head Start named Angelo Granado Sr. as “Parent of the Year.” Mr. Granado has shown exceptional interest in the program and has become a valued advocate for the Head Start program. Mr. Granado demonstrates a willingness to help in any capacity. In his words, “I am part of the team!” During the holidays he helped the staff collect Toys foe tots and refurbhised six bicycles to be give out to Head Start Families. His involvement in his son’s education through homework, parent/child activities and parent training is to be commended. He exemplifies Male Involvement in Head Start.