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Early Head Start



Early Head Start empowers families to be self-sufficient, achieve individual goals, and raise healthy, well-rounded children who enter school with the readiness skills needed to succeed. EHS supports MRDC's vision for a strong, sustainable rural Maryland by providing comprehensive family support services and high-quality early learning experiences for low-income families with young infants and toddlers.
Early Head Start is a federally-funded, community based program provided at no cost to eligible families.



How you can help your baby’s brain development

In the third trimester, the cerebral cortex starts to take over from the brain stem, preparing your baby for future learning.

By the time your baby arrives, they can hear (they will know your voice!) and also see a little. Their brain will then continue to grow and develop for many years.

Your baby's brain develops through use — by your baby interacting, observing and doing things.

You can help your baby's development by creating a stimulating environment with different types of activities that offer your baby the chance to play. It's through play that they learn important skills like talking, listening, moving, thinking, solving problems and socializing.

You can play and spend time with your baby by:

  • singing together
  • reading books
  • talking about what you’re doing and seeing
  • playing games like peekaboo

Program Overview

Our program is more than just child care! At no cost to our participants, our program offers:
  • Monday--Friday, full-day child care and education in our center
  • Adult Education
  • Family Workshops & Socialization Opportunities
  • Parenting Education
  • Family Wellness Development
  • Family Goal Setting
  • Meal Services
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Community Resources Linking

Family Spotlight


EHS staff are excited to announce that Devin McGee is featured in our Family Spotlight this month. Devin, pictured here with her son and daughter, came to EHS in 2019 after working with the Cecil County Pregnancy Center as a first-time mom. Devin has been an active participant with the EHS program and takes full advantage of its offerings. She has taken part in parenting courses, sought out advice from our staff, and joined in other various workshops along the way. Now three years after starting the program, Devin has developed into a phenomenal advocate for herself, her children and even our program! Devin traveled to Baltimore to represent MRDC at Maryland Family Network's 2019 Parent Leadership Training. We applaud Devin for her perseverance and many accomplishments. Devin wrote a letter to our staff and this is what she had to say:

"I want to say how much the center has done for me... Everyone there including all of the teachers and staff are so amazing and they have helped me so much. You guys not only help a lot with the kids, but you give support to me and push me to accomplish my personal goals. You also provide a lot for the kids and it's not just regular daycare to just watch them-- you also teach them so much and make sure they are on the right path physically and intellectually."

D.McGee Photo1


Families may be eligible for Early Head Start services if:
  • Family income falls below federal poverty guidelines
  • The family/child is homeless
  • The family/child is involved with foster care
If your family meets one of the requirements above, or if you are unsure about your family circumstances, please fill out our application or contact our staff. We would be happy to assist you.
Download the application HERE.
Please email completed applications to La'Meikia Lockhart M: (410) 934-6915 Llockhart@mrdc.net


Do something good for your community and for yourself!   Weather its a day in the classroom or a special project we have just the job for you!  A guaranteed mood changer as our program changes more than just the lives of the individuals we serve!


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For the protection of our volunteers, students and organization, all volunteers are required to have a valid Volunteer Application on file


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